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In the process it helps you relax more and adds extra comfort

In the process it helps you relax more and adds extra comfort. The name comes from the fact that at low temperatures it is very viscous whilst at high temperatures it is much more elastic.If you have heard the term visco-elastic foam and wondered what on earth people were going on about, you may know the material very well, just under its more common name – memory foam.So why is it so beneficial?

Well it reduces pressure on any one point of the body meaning that all pressure is spread evenly across the body. Like anything else there will be good quality and poor quality versions, so it is important that you make sure that you are buying something that is going to bring you real benefits and not something cheap that will simply offer you a poor quality sleep by a different name. A cashem temperature sensitive memory foam mattress also gives a unique feeling that makes you feel like you are literally melting into it, which in effect is exactly what you are doing. Originally developed by NASA but jettisoned due to its impracticality at the time, the technology was developed further over the following decade by independent scientists who eventually created what many believe to be the greatest aid to a good night's sleep you can get.

High density versions react to heat whilst lower density visco-elastic foam depends on pressure, but either way the result is the same – the mattress moulds to the body of those using it, offering firmness and comfort in equal measures, meaning that whilst giving you a truly comfortable night's sleep it is going to be as beneficial as possible for your body at the same time. However, it is worth remembering that just because something carries the name memory foam, it does not necessarily mean it will offer you the perfect night's sleep.